26 - 27.nov Jakarta, Indonesia

ANGVA 2019

8th ANGVA International Biennial Conference & Exhibition 2019


The biennial event marks the 8th series of this business critical conference and exhibition.

ANGVA 2019 in Jakarta is an important milestone for ANGVA as this is the first time that ANGVA held its biennial event in Indonesia following the success of ANGVA 2013 in New Delhi, India, ANGVA 2015 in Chengdu, China, and the excitement of ANGVA 2017 in Tehran, Iran. The Asia Pacific region is heading towards being the leading NGV market and industry in the vehicles population, both in the form of CNG and LNG. The ongoing development and growth of related and supporting NGV and LNG industries are making South East Asia a growing potential. Natural gas vehicles development and propagation are constantly being pushed in the region and Indonesia is no different. Prior to ANGVA 2019, Indonesia has played host to the Natural Gas Vehicles & Infrastructure series for over 10 years.

  • Co- Host Organizer: APCNGI (CNG Association of Indonesia) www.apcngi.or.id
  • Managed by: PT Olifen Global Indonesia & All Events Group Pte Ltd
  • Expected Visitors: 3000
  • Countries: 25 Countries
  • e:Balai Kartini Exhibition and Convention Centre
  • Website:www.angva2019.com

The growth of NGV markets in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide had slowed down as result of many countries focusing more on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicles (FCVs). However, ANGVA believes EVs and FCVs will take a much longer time to be widely used as there are still issues of vehicle costs, source of electric supplies, and charging infrastructure development. Hence, in the meantime the development and promotion of NGVs must be continued as the transport sector is a major contributor to air pollution and carbon emissions (climate change), and is also a major consumer of oil in the form of gasoline and diesel (energy supply and security issues).

In the Asia Pacific region, NGV markets in countries like China, India, Iran and Indonesia are still growing with China and India at the forefront. Worldwide, China has the largest number of natural gas vehicles and refueling stations i.e. around 6.76 million NGVs and 9,000 refueling stations (including 440,000 LNG vehicles and 3, 4000 LNG refueling stations). Second in the world is Iran at around 4.5 million vehicles and 2,400 stations, and India is the third largest with around 3.25 million vehicles and 1,500 stations.

The NGV markets in Pakistan had stalled due to unavailability of supply, however the market is now slowly picking up again as new supply of natural gas is now available through the importation of LNG. In South East Asia, the NGV markets in Thailand and Malaysia had slowed down a lot due to low oil price and gas suppliers not making the necessary margin on the retail price of CNG to vehicles as these retail prices were too low and controlled by the government.

In Indonesia, the NGV market is still growing with some initiatives / incentives provided by the government. The market potential in Indonesia remains huge as environmental factors and rising cost of fuel are playing crucial roles to shift towards natural gas utilization for transport, industrial sector and niche areas such as shopping malls, hotels and hospitals. Besides CNG, LNG as fuel for power has also been used in various areas within Indonesia.

Taxis, 3-Wheelers Bajaj, TransJakarta and TransSemarang buses are among the thousands of NGVs currently plying along Indonesia roads. There are currently around 103 stations and 15,500 NGVs in Indonesia. Recently, Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) – upon signing an MOU with the Directorate General of Oil and Gas – plans to start a demonstration project by introducing infrastructure and systems that can supply CNG in the Jakarta nearby industrial estates.

With the government continuing to utilize gas for transport and industrial sectors and state owned companies committed to further develop NGV transport and CNG infrastructure in Indonesia in the long run, local and global stakeholders will gather again at ANGVA 2019 to discuss and highlight business development opportunities. Over the last couple of years NGV conversion and BioCNG / Renewable Natural Gas \ Biomethane projects have taken place and will be highlighted and will open up opportunities to those interested to participate in these projects.

There are still opportunities for the NGV markets to grow in the Asia Pacific region but there are also challenges that the NGV markets has yet to overcome adequately. The market situations, the challenges, and the push towards electrification of the transport sector are among topics and areas that will be presented, highlighted and discussed at the coming 8th Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association International Biennial Conference & Exhibition (ANGVA 2019), in Jakarta, Indonesia, 25th – 27th November 2019. Delegates, exhibitors and visitors from all over the world are expected to congregate at ANGVA 2019 to share their experiences and knowledge and also to exhibit the latest products and services related to NGVs and Low Carbon, Low Emissions, Next Generation Vehicles

ANGVA 2019 will be co-located with the 8th BIOGAS APAC FORUM and Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cells Forum 2019.

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Since 2007, All Events Group (AEG) has delivered cutting-edge insights into the latest developing trends through our conferences, forums and conventions. With offices in over 6 locations delivering events in over 30 countries, AEG is your reliable business information & media company to help you build your competitive edge through industry intelligence, strategic skills and key relationships.

AEG has been putting together industry-specific business matching conferences relating to CNG, NGV, Biogas and LNG throughout the region. The CNG-NGV conference and exhibition series have been conducted 11 times within 10 years in Indonesia. Our portfolio can be viewed on: www.cngngv.com , www.icesn.com and www.lng-world.com . We worked closely with our Indonesian partners with each specific conference including KADIN, Energy Nusantara, APCNGI and PT Olifen Global Indonesia among others.

We have collaborated with ANGVA and APCNGI to promote the CNG-NGV series since 2008, both in Indonesia and other regions such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, UAE, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, India and China.

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